Ad Network Agreement

“Personal data” has the meaning described in Section 1(1) of the DPA and relates only to personal data or some of that personal data provided by Snack Media as part of this agreement. Geo (country, city, longitude/latitude), device, carrier or targeting target groups are all ways to ensure that your advertising reaches the consumers you are most interested in. However, it is difficult to keep control of the right targeting. I propose a comprehensive approach that offers pricing incentives for correct targeting, but nevertheless offers a minimum remuneration for users acquired outside the basic targeting offer. You may not want incentive data traffic, so place in your E/A that the incentiliated facilities are paid at an CPI of $0.10. If you only want conversions from certain countries – such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada – you set your consumer price index for those regions accordingly, and then set a consumer price index for the other 194 countries separately at $0.05. Be aware to the network that there is a limited budget for aerther installations (for example. B 3 to 5% of the total budget) and that overruns are not paid. This approach reduces potential network targeting and serves as a preventative solution. Since you have designated a price and budget for traffic out of reach, there is really no question of what to do with them. Treaty changes.

SmartyAds reserves the right to amend or change the terms of this Agreement. In this context, you must revise the terms of this agreement in order to stay informed, as the changes that are expressed on this website are valid as soon as they are published. If you do not agree with certain changes, you should immediately refrain from using the services and notify us by sending a notification to SmartyAds. Terms of agreement. This agreement, with all the changes and changes to come, represents the entire agreement between you and SmartyAds. It trumps all the agreements that existed before it, on the same subject. Neither you nor the smartyAds salesperson will be able to change the terms of this agreement. These terms and conditions for publishers (“CGV”) and the supplementary proposal (“proposal”) govern the relationship between the owner of a website or mobile application (“Publisher”) and Snack Media Limited (“Snack Media”) with respect to the publisher`s participation in Snack Media`s online advertising network (“Snack Media Network”).