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This is also confident that when the cost of fuel rose in ferry prices, when fuel prices fell, ferry prices remained firm and were waiting for the next increase. The acquisition is awaiting approval from Romania`s relevant authorities. An additional 3,500 MW are awaiting approval from the relevant authorities. Pending final approval of the transaction, customers will receive the same high quality products and a high level of customer service, with the long-term vision of offering an even more comprehensive product offering in the future. No translation could be found in the PONS dictionary. Upon arrival at one of our service centres, the condition of your watch is carefully evaluated by our service watch manufacturers. The government has made efforts to reform the vocational training system and create a legal framework, and a new law on vocational training is awaiting congressional approval. You will then receive an acknowledgement and a quote for your approval. We cultivate a well-coordinated awareness and sense of your industry and the technical nature of your documents and we bring a local taste that corresponds to the cultural taste of the target language. We are currently awaiting approval of this project by the City Council of Life . Our ability to recall specialties from different areas is our trademark! Contact us for more information about the work and tasks we`ve done in your field of activity. The acquisition is currently awaiting approval by the Federal Office of Agreements. 20 translations were found from examples spotted on the Internet.

Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? How can I resume my translations in the vocabulary coach? This project took nearly 18 months to complete and validate, and made us wait for approval with many products . Patients who have received a study may still have access to treatment after the end of the study, even if the tested product is still awaiting regulatory approval. It took nearly 18 months to complete and validate the project. Many pending products were still awaiting approval. Warning: Words from the vocabulary list are only available from this Internet browser. From the moment this list is copied into your vocabulary coach, it will be available from everywhere. THE PONS online dictionary is free: it`s also available for iOS and Android! To simplify the process, we are on requests for fee notices for center and home dialysis. The fee for the authorisation procedure is charged to the exhibitor/stand builder.

In addition, solar thermal installations with a combined capacity of 800 MW will be installed over the next few years. e) On presentation of a control book or type check, points a), b), c). This merger creates a global leader in the brand solutions industry, uniquely positioned to offer its customers value-added solutions of unmatched quality. Helsana simplifies the procedure for authorizing transplant costs. . An additional 3,500 MW are still awaiting release by the authorities. But about 5,500 MW of photovoltaic electricity is reportedly under construction, which have already been approved by the Chilean government. That`s what we communicate on a screen in the lobby. Please support our urban wind initiative on Facebook! Bureaucratic barriers to admission and the constraints of state austerity in the health care system are making it increasingly difficult for patients to obtain modern medicines. The CEO and Brian Dunn, Group President of Matthews Brand Solutions, will work together to focus on developing global offerings and strengthening the customer relationship. Our hotel panel produces its own current and we even make two power plants available to our customers to plug in and recharge their electric cars – for free.