Wrekin Housing Trust Tenancy Agreement

This type of accommodation is rented at a low rent on a safe basis to those who need to finish urgently. If you need care and care, additional care housing may be an option. There are different types of affordable housing available throughout Shropshire. You`ll find out more about all the options available. These include shared equity (Shared Ownership and Equity Loans), other low-cost housing for sale and mid-rental, but no affordable rentals. Additional care housing allows you to live as independently as possible, in the safety and privacy of your own home, but gives you the certainty that 24 hours of emergency support is available. The additional care offers accommodation with one or two self-contained apartments, accessible, which you can rent with your own lease or part of your own apartment. They are built or adapted appropriately to help people in need of care and support. Wrekin Housing Trust (Wrekin) is an experienced service provider in their own right and they also offer a repair service for other small housing companies, although headquartered in Telford they have employees working in and around the Birmingham area. All of its employees will carry identity papers. These properties are rented from the Council`s housing register, through a flexible type of rental for the poor.

The worst organization I`ve ever had was unlucky. The way I was told, the way I was talked about and what was written about me, I found their manager and board of directors rude, without any fundamental understanding and, in my opinion, very unprofessional. I think their policy towards people with disabilities is profoundly unfair because it is not divided between medical needs. They have also failed dramatically to address the chronic shortage of fully wheelchair-accessible apartments in Telford, in my opinion. An organization that I abandoned after 8 years, because I had no confidence in them. As someone who passionately believes in equality for all, I would not touch her now with a very big stick. Low-rent dwellings allow persons in the Council`s housing register to rent a property on a secure shorthold rent granted by the landlord, in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Act of 1988, as amended by the Housing Act of 1996 (and subsequent legislation). Very bad deal and I want to be clearly not wrekin Advice In on the confidence of real estate wrekin…. if there is a housing company that knows how to waste taxpayers` money, then it is this clumsiness…. You seriously know how to make a property if the taxpayer pays the bill and leaves 1000 empty rooms throughout Shropshire, as long as the taxpayer takes note on the room tax, it`s all for them….. Make sure these responsibilities are met so you don`t violate your rental conditions.