Zhaga Consortium Agreement

“Zhaga`s smart interface specifications will affect the value of lighting infrastructure for connectivity in China. This connection agreement will stimulate innovation in sensor/communication modules with new intelligent applications and will benefit from membership in CALI and Zhaga,” said Dee Denteneer, Secretary General of Zhaga. Download this press release (ENG) on Globenewswire DIIA AND ZHAGA START COOPERATION ON IOT SOLUTIONS FOR LIGHTING March 14, 2018. The trend towards scanning and the need to define interfaces for sensors and connectivity modules are recognized. Both the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and the Zhaga Consortium (Zhaga) are developing important technologies in this area. DiiA recently announced that it would “develop specifications for an optimized DALI interface inside the fixtures, making it easier to connect fixtures to IoT networks.” At the same time, the Zhaga consortium said it had “completed a new specification (book 18) that helps put the Internet of Things (IoT) on outdoor LED lights.” The organizations have now signed a liaison agreement to exchange technical information on available and future specifications and certification programs, as well as their schedules. The first step is to align the DALI-based communication protocol with the Zhaga Book 18 specification. “Both organizations understand the needs of the market and have decided to sign a liaison agreement,” said Ruud van Bokhorst, DiiA`s managing director, adding: “This link allows us to make the right decisions on how best to meet this important market need.” Giovanni Scilla, Chairman of Zhaga`s Steering Committee, said: “With this link, we want to explore the possibilities of defining truly comprehensive specifications and certification programs that will form the basis for a broad introduction of digitization in lighting and a higher speed of marketing.” Download this press release (ENG) Globenewswire Press Release The NEW Zhaga – Smart standards. Smarter lighting. Zhaga opens up new business opportunities in digital lighting and service models by expanding the scope of interface specifications. The NEW Zhaga will contain interfaces for intelligent components, such as sensors and connectivity modules, and will focus on interoperability. This step is reflected in the new “Smart standards” slogan. Smarter lighting” and the new mission vision statement.

March 13, 2018 Zhaga`s Strategy Task Force, led by Giovanni Scilla, Chairman of the Steering Committee, has explored the possibilities for Zhaga arising from recent trends in the lighting industry. The combination of LED lighting and light counting, the needs of lighting designers and architects in components that are easy to assemble even at a late stage through standardized interfaces, and the requirements for light systems from a circular economy perspective are particularly important.