Section 278 Agreement Hertfordshire

This guide is regularly checked and all comments are welcome. Please contact us via As a general rule, these legally binding agreements include infrastructure projects that allow access to a construction zone, such as roundabouts, marked intersections, right turn lanes, new pedestrian crossings or priority intersections. They can also cover power diversions, drainage systems and public lighting. All highway work that is not authorized and performed without section 278 agreement (or any other authorization required for the highway) results in enforcement action against the developer and/or contractor. This includes cost coverage. If you have any questions, email us to Please send your application and flight documents by email (see page 3 of the application form) to and pay by bank transfer. Postal applications or cheque payments are not processed until further notice. Salvatore Amico, Partner and Head of Town – Country Planning, has this advice to offer: “These agreements require a thorough and detailed approach. The specifications of all highway works and the conditions associated with all links must be precise and precise. We always strive to protect the interests of our clients and to ensure that their commitments are clear, so that there is no room for disagreement at a later stage.

In addition, land ownership or title issues are also common features of these agreements and we provide them with the necessary expertise. Pre-candidate Tips Travel Plans Travel Plans Application Planning Section 278 Road Use Agreement (section 38) Planning Guide Planning Requirements ToolkitOur approach to Section 106 Agreements or “Planning Benefits.” If you have recently applied for mail or paid by cheque, please send an email E-mail for more information. The borough council, as a road authority, is a legal advisor for all development applications that have an impact on traffic, as well as the receiving authority for all the resulting motorway works (in accordance with Section 278 and Section 38 of the agreements) that are required in the context of a construction. If the proposed infrastructure requires routine maintenance, the agreement procedure provides for the guarantee of a re-pending amount for the financing of the work. We have specific action expertise for owners and developers in sections 278 and 38 and can assist in the drafting, verification and negotiation of these documents.