Twiddy Rental Agreement

After the pandemic ended our summer travel plans, we decided to follow the path taken by many other Americans and rent a house. This was our first time staying at OBX and renting any type of house. The research led me to Twiddy, and while I was nervous, everything faded when we entered our house for the week. We were at the Amaze of Grace and we loved every minute. The Corolla area was quiet and secluded, and it`s quite the opposite of where we live in Nyc. The house was beautiful. a little older and could use some new furniture, but we just liked the room and the proximity to the beach. It was very clean and comfortable and the kids had the time of their lives. At the end of the week, we couldn`t get out. We contacted Twiddy to see if there were any last minute rentals. There was one! Completely aofour. Maritime front in KDH.

Considering that we only used 5 of The 7 rooms in Corolla, the 10 rooms that this house offered were much more than we needed… But we really didn`t want to go home. Twiddy negotiated a deal for us with less than 50% off and we were able to extend our trip by an extra week. Living a dream now. Within 2 weeks here, our only problem was a low bbq propane tank (1. world problems I know), Twiddy was fixed in an hour. Communication from start to finish was quick and beyond courtesy. When the owner accepted our offer for the 2nd house, I felt like the agents at twiddy were as excited as we were! Twiddy not only saved our summer, but he helped us make one for the books! Lead twiddy and Co and especially Pelikan`s nest. This company no longer offers the professional service they once provided.

We have rented the same house, Pelikannest, several times over the past ten years. Our rental last July was a disaster. When we arrived, the A/C was not working and the temperature was 90 degrees on the third floor, where the kitchen, dining room and living room are located. We had to call Twiddy several times over a four-day period, and of course they never respond, you have to leave a message for them to call back. They gave my calls during meals or when we were at the beach or pool. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we arrived and left the UNCs for 4 days! We lived four of our seven days with temperatures of 90 degrees on the third floor, before they finally installed a new unit. On the fourth day, during the pandemic, there were almost all day OF the UNCs coming and going from our house. This debacle has completely disrupted our right to the silent enjoyment of property.

I had to be in the house every time a repairman came inside and all the time the day the A/C was replaced. The cost of this rent was more than $13,000. And Twiddy offered us $500. for our inconvenience. We were at Porpoise Watch in Corolla. With views of the pictures, the house is absolutely beautiful and everything seemed clean. But when I arrived on the first day, I saw a huge cockroach walking on the kitchen floor. Later that night, we sat on the bridge and saw some more crawling on the bridge. I called Twiddy, they sent the pesticide check and they sprayed the next day. I found barbecues on the second floor. We had to kill about 15 of them in the center room where my husband and I lived.

I called Twiddy again and the pesticide came out and sprayed, but we keep finding it the rest of the week. When we got home, I looked at the reviews and there was an evaluation for this particular house in early August said something about the barbecues and they still haven`t been maintained. There must of course be a nest in the house on the second floor, probably in the bedroom, it was disgusting.